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Mala Rudraksha Mukhi 1 – 10 (Buddha)


Mala Rudraksha Mukhi 1 – 10 (Buddha)

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Mala Rudraksha Mukhi 1 – 10 (Buddha)

This Mala contain : Mukhi 1 (2pcs) Mukhi 2 (2pcs) Mukhi 3 (pcs) Mukhi 4 (2pcs) Mukhi 5 (pcs) Mukhi 6(2pcs) Mukhi 7 (2pcs) Mukhi 8 (2pcs) Mukhi 9 ( 2pcs) Mukhi 10 (2pcs) and 1pcs Ganesha Rudraksha in Guru.

The meaning and Benefit of Rudraksha each Mukhi / Face.

There is no reason for us to sell a fake Rudraksha , because we have own tree in Indonesia and our farmer is very experience on what they have been doing. For us making a fake Rudraksha is more difficult and complicated than growing and proceed naturally .
So YES our Rudraksha is original 100%


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